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View of Temvo Cocoa Plantation, Mayumbe Country. Congo

Sacks of Cocoa and Carriers in the backrgound. Kinyati, Mayumbe Country

Young Cocoa trees proptected by shade of Paw-paw trees, Kinyati, Mayumbe

View of Temvo Cocoa Plantation, Mayumbe

Cocoa pods growing, San Tomè

Furnace for drying cocoa in dull weather. Temvo, Mayumbe.

Cocoa drying in the sun with protection against the rain. Temvo, Mayumbe, Congo.

Path through Cocoa Roca, San Tomè.

Stream through Roca, San Tomè.

A Cocoa Roca, San Tomè.

Drying shed on Temvo Plantation, Director and chief Agent in the foreground.

View on Cocoa Farm of Temvo, Mayumbe Country.

View on Cocoa Farm, Kinyati, Mayumbe.

View on Cocoa Roca, San Tomè.

View of Temvo Plantation, Mayumbe.

Cocoa plantation, Fernando Po.

View of Cocoa Farm, Kinyait, Mayumbe country.

Decanville Railway on Cocoa Plantation. San Tomè.

Cocoa drying at Dodowa, hinterland of Gold Coast

Cocoa pods drying at Temvo, Mayumbe country, Lower Congo