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Adut Ageny

2019 (Narrative Date)

There are an estimated 465,000 people living in modern slavery in Sudan (GSI 2018). Between 1983 and 2005, the central government of Sudan enslaved tens of thousands of black South Sudanese Christian and traditionalist people. It was part of a genocidal war against South Sudan, with a simple aim: to force South Sudan to become Arab and Muslim.

Adut Ageny was abducted from her village and held in enslavement for five years when she was a child.

My name is Adut Ageny. When I was a young girl, the raiders from the north attacked my village and took me away. We walked for ten days. I saw many terrible things. Some of my friends were killed because they could not keep up.

I was sold to a family. I was forced to be a slave, to work for my master and his family, with no pay and very little rest. When the master didn’t like the food I made, he would say horrible things to me and beat me. He forced me to pray as a Muslim. At night, I prayed in secret and asked God to rescue me.

After five years as a slave, I was losing hope. Then one day I heard good news. There was someone who came to our area to free us. To bring us back to South Sudan. When I came back to my village, everyone was so happy. They cried when they saw me, they couldn’t believe I was alive.

Now I am back with my people. I am happy. I am free. I thank God for answering my prayers.

Narrative Provided by Christian Solidarity International.