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Cocoa-nut palms on Eloby Island, Spanish Guinea

Palm Avenue at Baringa, Upper Congo

Palm Avenue at Baringa, Upper Congo. Trees of ten years' growth.

Cocoa barrels rolled down from the hinterland to the coast.

Cocoa Plantation, Dodowa. Hinterland of the Gold Coast.

Mr. Harris and Interpreter at Benguella, conversing with repatriated slaves who are sick.

Lulua natives pounding rubber, at Mpolo, near Sankuru, Kasai

Rubber for sale, Kasai District

Natives of Bomati dancing on receipt of news that rubber tax was at an end

Manihot glaziovii rubber plant at Baringa, upper Congo

Native sitters – on the banks of the Kasai

The formation of a new mission station at Euli, Ikelemba River, upper Congo

Mr. Harris attending to footsore natives

Congo [photograph of a village, caption incomplete]

View at Baringa, upper Congo

Watering the cattle in the river at Novo Redondo

The site of an old village marked by the growth of palm trees from discarded kernels

Native market in Loanda

The mutilated lad, Impongi, teaching boys of his village to read and write

Procession of native dancers in honour of white men's visit to their village, Bolima Districts, upper Congo