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Women washing in river at Novo Redondo, Angola

Lads bathing in Juapa River

Market of sugar cane and Nsesi palm at Basankusu

A maize field on the Kasai

Group of girls being trained by Catholic sisters at Landana

A Sunday school on the Kasai

Crowd at Yalemba, awaiting arrival of the S. S. Endeavour

Bible Society's depot, Accra

Coloured lady with native girls in training at Luebo, Kasai

One of the Congo state chefferies with his wives

Girls being trained by coloured lady at Luebo, Kasai

Group of native musicians, Juapa River, upper Congo

Procession of native dancers in honour of white men's visit to their village, Bolima Districts, upper Congo

The mutilated lad, Impongi, teaching boys of his village to read and write

Native market in Loanda

The site of an old village marked by the growth of palm trees from discarded kernels

Watering the cattle in the river at Novo Redondo

View at Baringa, upper Congo

Congo [photograph of a village, caption incomplete]

Mr. Harris attending to footsore natives