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  • Country contains "Azerbaijan (trafficked from)"
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There are an estimated 794,000 people living in conditions of modern slavery in Russia (GSI 2018). Forced labour remains the predominant form of human trafficking in the country. Labour trafficking has been reported in the construction, manufacturing, logging, textile, and maritime industries, as well as in sawmills, agriculture, sheep farms, grocery and retail shops, restaurants, waste sorting, street sweeping, domestic service, and forced begging. Many migrant workers experience exploitative labour conditions characteristic of trafficking cases, such as withholding of identity documents, non-payment for services rendered, physical abuse, lack of safety measures, or extremely poor living conditions. Shamil*, a 38-year-old man from Azerbaijan travelled to Russia to earn more money and increase his standard of living. He found work as a loader at a local market. He has been subjected to fraud, threats, incomplete payment and labour bondage.